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Guest Post by Arjun Suresh , co-founder of  GATE Overflow . This was written in 2015, so may not include the recent contributors

Some history of  GATECSE FB Group

I joined GATECSE FB Group in 2013 and there were many good people like Bikram Ballav, Arvind Devraj, Rajesh Pandey who were helping GATE students. I got a special liking to it as before/after my GATE I got no guidance- I did not know that GATE even had a syllabus. Of course I was not interested in it also without knowing how can one be interested. So, I wanted to ensure that students are better prepared for GATE and know about all possibilities. And all the wonderful people in group always help any good stuff and we have managed to collect so many resources which are all listed in this site.

Listing the core contributors of GATE CSE:

  1. Arvind Devaraj is the creator of the GATECSE FB Group and still moderates it even after many years. He inspires and helps all those in the community.
  2. Kathleen joined the group despite from non-CS background and does a tremendous job in ensuring free education is available for everyone. Not to mention her contribution to GATEOverflow in design and in getting most of the previous year GATE questions at rapid speed. Without her GATEOverflow would not have been so popular.
  3. Praveen Saini is an admin of both GATECSE FB Group as well as GATE Overflow and his expertise in Digital Logic, Theory of Computation and others have immensely helped the students.
  4. Bikram Ballav is a core contributor to GATECSE FB Group and have collected a vast resources some of which are in FILES section of the group, and also is a major contributor of Best Books, Best Videos etc. which have immensely helped aspirants.
  5. Pragy Agarwal the main contributor to the group from among the students. He always helped us be it in solving some issue or in implementing some features. When GATE Overflow lost its data, he helped a lot in back up. But his main contribution is in getting the Score predictor for GATE2016 which worked with >99.5% accuracy and is the only one which could handle normalization.
  6. Arindam Sarkar is another aspirant who helped back by providing a wonderful Exam creator tool for GATE Overflow. This is going to help future aspirants immensely.
  7. Omesh Pandita  started the idea of GATE Overflow and have been an administrator ever since. He is a real expert in Theory of Computation.
  8. Happy Mittal for providing awesome explanation for mathematic questions.
  9. Sankaranarayanan for providing wonderful answers to many topics in GATE Overflow
  10. Suraj Kumar for providing his expertise in Compilers, Linear Algebra etc. and thus making GATE Overflow answers better
  11. Rajesh Pandey have been an enthusiastic administrator of GATECSE FB Group and regularly helps aspirants.
  12. Shyam Singh is and admin of GATECSE FB Group and has developed the website for the group and has helped in any web related activities.
  13. Pradeep Pandey and Nithish Divakar despite their busy schedule in IISc. have always found time to answer queries from aspirants on GATECSE FB Group.


Other Contributors

We also have other people who work for us and help serving the GATE CSE community. They include:

  1. Natalliyah helps in all works in GATE CSE/ GATE Overflow
  2. Jotheeswari & Misbah prime editors of GATE Overflow/Aptitude Overflow questions
  3. Rahul Kumar Yadav maintains Important Dates for CSE Academic Jobs/Admissions

Some of the aspirants have also helped us a lot. They include

Im sure I have missed many contributors because many have offered me help at times. I apologize for that. There are some who have provided help anonymously like the Counsellor in GATE Overflow and though I cannot reveal their names, a special thanks to all of them.


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