C Programming – introduction to arrays and pointers

C is a general-purpose programming language with application ranging from creating Operating Systems to Game programming.  Arrays are closely related to pointers in C programming

Topic  : Introduction to Arrays and Pointers.


Lecture 1 This video lecture starts with  Introduction about pointers  and pointers to Primitive data types along with memory allocations for pointers.

Lecture 2 This lecture include Character pointers and their usages.

Lecture 3 This video lecture covers Complicated declarations of Pointers.

Lecture 4 This lecture include Brief about Array of Pointers most important topic.

Lecture 5 This lecture provides introduction about Multidimensional Arrays, storage of Arrays in Memory and Modification of arrays using pointers.

Lecture 6 This lecture cover Printing of Two Dimensional Arrays using Loops and Pointers.

Lecture 7 This video lecture teaches Passing Three Dimensional Arrays to functions and the syntax for invocations..

Lecture 8 This lecture deal with NULL Pointer and its usage.

Lecture 9 This video lecture teaches how to solve Problems involving Pointers.

Lecture 10 This  last lecture include Creation of Two Dimensional Arrays Using Dynamic Allocation of Memory, Also one of the important topic.


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    in 2nd video you said we cannot use char a[]={‘a’,’d’,’i’,’t’,’y’,’a’};
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