Python programming

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Learn Python and you don’t have to worry about finding a job. Python is used right from scripting to constructing large websites. There is awesome support for machine learning and data science in form of libraries like numpy, scikit-learn, pandas , mllib. Python is used in big-data / map reduce through Apache Spark. Python is first choice for Scientific computing and is replacing matlab in many cases. Django and Flask are used for constructing powerful websites like reddit and quora that runs on python. Python introduces new programming constructs like generators, list comprehensions, functional programming that can help in writing elegant code

List of my python readings

If you are new to python, these would be useful
for advanced tutorials see

Watch talks by Raymond. All of his talks are good (search on youtube)  and motivated you to learn python

Python has support for functional programming. It means functions are treated as first class citizens – you can manipulate functions just like any other data type (like int, string). You can store functions in a list. Functions can be passed as parameters and can be returned from other functions. Here is more info on functional programming using python


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