Research at IIT Bombay – Interview with Abhishek Bagade

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How to prepare for IIT B written test and programming test for MTech RA ??


Start with preparing for linux, almost all projects require you to be familiar with it. Then prepare the basics for the projects you want to apply for. I have provided a detailed post on fb highlighting all the projects that took RAs last year and their brief descriptions.

Programming test is basic and you needn’t worry about it that much last year we had parenthesis matching.

Written test is almost gate 1 marks question level though not all all are easy. Last time cutoff was about 20 marks out of 30.

3 sections Systems algortihms maths/aptitude


Why everybody says IIT-B is the best in India? What’s so special ?


For me it was the exposure, here everything is top notch be it placements, research or extra/co curriculars. The amount of options available for you to do anything here is unprecedented. I for example found the course in ML a bit to theoretical for my liking so I joined the team making a self driving car. There are 100 of teams/clubs/groups doing things that you may not even think of and this is unmatched in any other college(esp. IISC 😛 ). I learnt to play flute, became my class representative, participated in sports all this along with studies. The campus is also aa huge plus point for me and the facilities provided are state of the art.


CSE dept here is the largest in india and includes some of the best researchers like soumen sir, sudarshan sir, krithi sir to name a few. The amount of hackathons and symposiums organized are mind boggling. Also the courses are taught by professors who make sure to include the latest trends in the field.


I’ve heard that in IIT-B, the btech students are very tough to compete with in placements. How to overcome this notion that btechs are something superior?


No they aren’t atleast in placements. This year the placements of PGs is better compared to UGs ( Though Btechs have a very solid background they do well in studies and in general placements because of their study habits and in general seriousness about everything they do, so being an undergrad doesn’t impart them any special powers. One thing certainly have an advantage is mathematics, but after taking enough efforts even you can compete with them. In IITB for every UG student I can show you an equivalent PG student.

P.S not all in UGs are good in studies, same case in M.Techs too.


I like Data science. Is it good to join IITB for Data Science?

Yes I would say very much, the ML and datascience group has been increasing in nos. From the last 2 years, right now i would say it is one of the largest group in IITB. We have professors like Soumen Chakrabarti who has been referenced in Google page rank paper. So I’d definitely suggest IITB for data science.

PS We have quite a few professors working on Govt. if India sponsored projects which has interesting applications of Datascience.


Scope for research in computer networks at IIT Bombay

The Networking group is one of the largest research groups in IITB called (SyNeRG). It has top notch researchers and professors in it who contribute regularly to all major conferences throughout the world.


Need to know about TAP at IIT Bombay

Sorry no Idea but if i’m not wrong the category hasn’t taken admissions last year. Will confirm and let you know soon.




IITB research plus entrepreneurs.



Generic questions

how to get started for Mathematics,Algo And data strucuture if i am preparing for gate 18?

–>Start with discrete maths from rosen do reading by own and watch some videos on youtube to develop interest

strategy for  self study

–>Develop discipline over enthusiasm/inspiration

How to manage self study during coaching?

–>DO NOT only rely on tutions, refer Standard text books

what are u thoughts while preparing ……did you even expected that u will land two digit ranks??


How to prepare for mathematics topics probability and combinatorics.


Things to keep in mind while having success

–>Grounded to reality IITB takes care of that.

Be satisfied with yourself

how did you overcome the failure during your preparation ?, how did you manage college and gate preperation at the same time?


What inspire you to crack Gate.


What are their plans to crack gate

Dear sir should i practice questions directly or go through all the concepts first

How to manage time in the last 1 month for gate ?

Time frame of preparations? did you stuck on with only one book for a subject or read through multiple books. How did you had your revision or techniques followed during the revision. Your take on a concept which is tough to learn or keep in mind. When to start taking the test series.(Full length) Ideal Time of the year by which the course should be completed

i am not able to understand concepts while reading from books and whether full length mock test is better or subjectwise mock test

When n how did you started preparation?? What topics you studied initially?? How much time you gave each subject also in a day.

How to start preparing and what are the order of the subjects to study?

What are the strategies of your preparing for gate

Daily schedule



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